Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Reanimation Sensation!

This week's theme for myself is undead!

Character #8 - Heretic Leon
Leon was part of the royal guard but had plans to assassinate his king. After being caught and was going to be hung for conspiracy Leon sold is soul for the "Touch of Death Pact". The agreement he made with the sorceress was that if he killed only the king with his powers, he would then become normal but be her slave. He would be able to become mist, read minds and kill whatever he touched. Being a fervent participant of the rebellion, Leon hastily agreed. He gained his powers and after killing his wife and child by accident, he went insane. He killed the king and countless others in a brutal massacre but since he killed more than just the king which was not part of the deal, he was forced to wander the earth for eternity.

Character #9 - Dahl
Dahl is a long since deceased shaman who embodies himself within a tree once every 100 years for the "Council of the Ancients" to discuss worldly issues. They manipulate things within the shadows to acquire balance amongst the dark and lights forces of their regions. Nothing goes by them without notice. Dahl is in charge of keeping the forests intact and peaceful. The skulls he carries on his staff are of his dead body's and of his father's. The crest on the other staff is the symbol of the "Council of Ancients".


trevor dalmer said...

wow man. that top one is so rad. i love the texture and the teal color throughout. dang.

robi pena said...

Very nice blog and awesome works!!! I like it very much!!

Amanda said...

Damn Garret, I don't want to comment on your colouring skills again, but shiiiiit you know how to colour.

Really cool 8)

Anonymous said...

SWeert man. This are so cool. I really like your flat stuff too.
Off da chain.
Off da chain.

macaronni said...

Crazy skills, great stuff you got here! :)

Ben Lo said...

hey man, the Heretic isnt full body, you cheated xD

GHGraphics said...

Thanks a lot everyone!

Anonymous said...

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