Saturday, September 29, 2007

For Real.

These are some paintings I did in gouache and water colour while I was staying at my grandma's place for a week near the end of the summer.

Back in high school, we did self portraits using a mirror and I always found it so difficult. So I gave it a try now with more experience from life drawing in college and whatnot and the result was much more satisfactory. The second one is my sister and her husband's (OH so belated) wedding gift and the last one was a painting I just felt like doing after looking at a bunch of Frazetta books. I actually used markers and pencil crayons on that one, but I didn't like some of it in real life so I edited some of it in Photoshop. Painting in real life feels a lot more rewarding. I want to do it more often.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Drawings Ahoy!

I don't remember this man's name but when I was at my Grandma's place, she was watching a show where an evangelist minister answered questions that people mailed in. He had an interesting face...

This may look like DQ but it actually was a stern looking man drawing the model at the life drawing place I went to from time to time over the summer. He actually looked more like George Lucas than anything...

Some guy that looked kind of goofy while drawing at life drawing. Took the opportunity rip him to shreds! He was more interesting to draw then the actual model!

Trevor Spencer resembling a Mandrill. :P

My buddy Steve from work!

A Life drawing from the summer.