Saturday, July 05, 2008

Summer Summer Summer

Weeeeell I accidentally poured water on my tablet and then it short circuited. I still need to phone Wacom and see if I can get it fixed. Hopefully it wont cost more than buying a new one. Either way its frustrating. I've learned not to drink anything at the computer desk now. I've been borrowing Bryan's from time to time so I've been doing a bit of it here and there. Mainly I just do my painting at work but I can't show you that stuff :P I'm playing Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced 2 right now. It's quite good but I picked hard mode because I thought since I've been playing tactics games almost my whole gaming life that I'd be able to take it on. I thought it would be harder actually but instead of it being hard it's just plain frustrating. Battles take a long time and they deal a lot of damage to me. I dont regret doing hard mode though, it's still fun. I'm almost done it and then I'm on to Square Enix's other new DS game "The World Ends with You". Gonna be gewd.

By the way, Wall-E is amazing... I want one...