Friday, February 29, 2008

Switching it up!

A friend of mine brought up the fact that the 100 characters was an exercise to vary up mediums so I did these 2 with pencil and paper.

Character #18 - Leos
A regular in the coliseum. Leos has practically become a celebrity. He doesn't only have the muscles to smash his opponent to bits but has the brains to outwit them too! Sometimes he can lose his calm though which I can see not looking too good when he gets up in the higher ranks against others who are just as skilled or even more so than him.

Character #19 - PhionaA bimbo genie. Often misinterprets wishes leading to comical situations.

EDIT: They felt a little bland so I did some Photoshop stuff to them :P

If you like techno... And game music... And the sound of a gameboy... Then you're in luck!!! There's a community of musicians that I stumbled upon recently who make music using a gameboy to get that classic 8bit quality and some of the music is really cool! If you're into that kind of thing, go check it out!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Sleeping in is Nice

Character #16 - Captain Pallock
With an IQ of 52, Pallock, in his mother's basement, leads a brigade of dogs in hopes of conqeuring unclaimed territory in the vast, endless, deep blue ocean.

Character #17 - Ivan
Ivan grew up in a rough neighborhood and was part of a gang. After deciding that the lifestyle was unfulfilling, he left and pursued his passion for music. He keeps his tattoos from his troubled days around for nostalgic sake. He says he doesn't regret being a hoodlum and likes to keep his marks as a way of showing who he is. Now he is the most popular amongst the flock for his heart swelling ballads that capture the attention of every lass in town. His trusty guitar has never failed him when it comes to attracting a beauty he has his eye on. Some say it is embedded with a magical spell. I just think he's really good.

Monday, February 25, 2008


Character #15 - Ringoh
Riding his faithful childhood friend dinosaur across dangerous turf, Ringoh seeks out challengers who are strong and willing to fight. he wants to assemble a rag tag team of fighters to rebel against the empire that took over his home. Whoever challenges him and wins can join. I guess that would make Ringoh the worst fighter amongst everyone he gathers in the end. No one said he was smart.

The Break Begins...

Quite the batch here... I ended up not making it undead week after all :P

Character #10 - Zombie Earl
No one knows why Earl is still around. He died of a heart attack but at his wake, he came back to life but without a pulse so he's still technically dead. Now Earl walks around town in his corpse decaying but just won't die. He decided he may as well just continue life and still works at the gas station. He has become a popular tourist attraction.

Character #11 - Marvin
He's a prototype for a new breed of super robot soldiers. The skull on his visor is made to instill fear into his foes. All in all though the project was HUGE failure putting the entire organization out of business. Due to a glitch after one of the scientists had thrown one of his pieces out of shear rage, Marvin became kind and not a killing machine like he was made to be. The scientists were forced to throw Marvin out but one had a plan to turn him on and have him attack the world out of revenge. When the scientist turned Marvin on though, he wasn't acting normal at all. The scientist just left in disappointment and frustration and now Marvin walks the earth learning to be a good citizen. He's extremely akward.

Character #12 - Zard (hahaha laaaame name)
Zard was a necromancer and wielded many spells and was a mastery of chaotic magic. Many feared Zard and no one would dare confront him on any manner. One person found a spell scroll though which was able to take advantage of his only wakness which was daylight. The young wizard took the scroll up to Zard's lair and asked him for a challenge. The young wizard egged him on and taunted him until Zard became so angry he casted a spell to turn himself into a dragon so he could slaughter the wizard. Zard could not cast spells as a dragon and the young wizard knew this so he casted the spell from the scroll which was to make any one person maintain it's current shape for the next 24 hours. He then turned himself into a worm and burrowed deep underground until daylight when Zard couldn't turn back and had no where to hide. Zard was killed instantly by the sun.

Character #13 - Pauly-arms
Once a mobster leader, Pauly was turned on by his crew and drowned by the hands of his own brother. Pauly's soul wandered the earth for 10 years filled with hatred and desired vengeance. Eventually though, Pauly came across a demon and made a deal so that he could become alive again to kill his brother but had to be transformed. He was given the head of an octopus on his old body. Pauly-Arms (as he is called now because of his tentacles) is now back in the gangster game and is killing his brother at all costs. (ya I know it's kind of like Davy Jones from Pirates of the Caribbeans)

Character #14 - Borp
Borp is part of the Theewaps. Basically a cross bread between a monkey and a buffalo. They were what monkeys were before they had arms. Somehow the buffalo gene was erased completely. I don't really know how. Borp was doing the annual Theewap festive dance around Stone Henge one night and suddenly, lightening struck and BOOM, he traveled through to present day. Here is Borp looking baffled trying to make sense of what just happened. Who knows how long he'll last in this time period.

No more weekly themes, it just doesn't work...

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Reanimation Sensation!

This week's theme for myself is undead!

Character #8 - Heretic Leon
Leon was part of the royal guard but had plans to assassinate his king. After being caught and was going to be hung for conspiracy Leon sold is soul for the "Touch of Death Pact". The agreement he made with the sorceress was that if he killed only the king with his powers, he would then become normal but be her slave. He would be able to become mist, read minds and kill whatever he touched. Being a fervent participant of the rebellion, Leon hastily agreed. He gained his powers and after killing his wife and child by accident, he went insane. He killed the king and countless others in a brutal massacre but since he killed more than just the king which was not part of the deal, he was forced to wander the earth for eternity.

Character #9 - Dahl
Dahl is a long since deceased shaman who embodies himself within a tree once every 100 years for the "Council of the Ancients" to discuss worldly issues. They manipulate things within the shadows to acquire balance amongst the dark and lights forces of their regions. Nothing goes by them without notice. Dahl is in charge of keeping the forests intact and peaceful. The skulls he carries on his staff are of his dead body's and of his father's. The crest on the other staff is the symbol of the "Council of Ancients".

Sunday, February 17, 2008



Character #7 - Meteor

He saw a shooting star hit the earth and when he went to go investigate the crater, he saw a burning skeleton and a bracelet that was in perfect condition. He took the bracelet home and when he put it on it grafted itself to his skin. After he had nightmares about murdering helpless people, he started to get worried. Then he started to randomly go unconscious and wake up in different countries. He then discovered that he had been possessed and when he was possessed he went by the name Meteor. He had made the connection after seeing footage from security cameras of himself killing NASA scientists. The fallen bracelet was owned by a super being in space that NASA had discovered and was attempting to eliminate. Once they finally killed it, it fell to earth but the bracelet which was the source of the being's power survived. He is named Meteor because the punch the power of the bracelet gave him is as strong, and fast and has the impact of a meteor when it is landed. He looked for help but eventually the power of the bracelet overcame him completely.


Another Batch...

Character #6: Punchinella
Punchinella is her boxing alias. Made to sound like the latin name for clown which is "Punchinello". Her little sister was the victim of a mass murder of children by a clown at a birthday party. Upon further research Punchinella discovered that the psychotic clown is actually a huge mob boss who makes bets on female boxing and likes to have his way with the champions. Punchinella decided to train vigorously and enter the female boxing tournament to become champion and in the end when she is with the mob boss one on one, she will suffocate him with her sister's stocking. She wears the stocking around her left ankle during each match.
This was my first attempt at Punchinella. I like her pose a lot more but her outfit doesn't suit her character as much.
This is a redesign I did of Hira. I decided to spice it up by giving her a tribal helmet, tattoos and a blue spear head.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Happy Belated Valentines Day!!!

Character #4: DominoPeople thought they had caught Big Foot but they were wrong. To their dismay, Big Foot's half-brother Domino was instead the victim of the tranquilizer dart shot at the mythological beast in the northern woods that fateful afternoon. After being held captive and put on display, Domino grew tired of not having anything to do in his spare time so he stole one of the guards' keys and unlocked himself to look for his way back home. Big Foot's dumb, Domino is smart. On his venture back home he came across a house with such an enchanting musk he could not resist his hunger. He broke through the door and found himself looking upon a family having a roast beef dinner. He engulfed the dinner but that wasn't enough so he ate the parents as well. The little girl who didn't know better went to her room and made a valentine for him because coincidentally, it was Valentines Day.

Character #5: Hira
The day time lookout guard for intruders and wildlife. Hira is very energetic but is bored with her job since there is barely any way of using her combat skills during the day time. All the action comes at night when other tribes try to infiltrate to steal gold or when the giant 6 footed nocturnal Bat-Lion comes out to feed on it's prey! She spends her time sharpening her spear, hunting small insects or lizards around the vicinity or just dozes off. She hopes one day to get promoted.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

It's late...

And I better not make a habit of this!

Character #3: CopilCopil was a pirate from the ancient golden space pirate era. It was a time where pillaging and plundering of the space colonies was almost considered a norm. Eventually the era came to an end when the Galactic Police Force (GPF) found a way to stifle their cunning tactics in a way that almost completely stopped their attacks on civilization in a matter of days. During the time of the ancient golden space pirate era, clans and gangs in accordance to space pirate mythology were created. Copil's helmet is a representation of his god and his glowing blue kneepads and wrist bands represent his eternal bond and commitment to his deity.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

More and more

Character #2: ValimothValimoth is of a race called Rheizie. They are a brutish species and have been common amongst the galactic society for as long as history dictates. They are naturally stronger than humans but for the most part are less intelligent. That is not to say though that all of them are stupid, some Rheizie scientists have made major breakthroughs in science and space technology. Valimoth himself has the best of both worlds. He is smart and can pull his own weight in a battle. He is a bounty hunter often hired to do lower end jobs like taking out spies within the military. His size doesn't allow for stealthy missions like infiltration.

These are some designs I did for our group film. I was trying to go for a more graphic approach and I had a lot of fun. I think I'll try to do this kind of stuff more ofter. It's fun to switch things up.

Monday, February 11, 2008

A Challenge of Sorts...

Ok, I've done a little something for myself and anyone else who would like to join. It's a challenge to help improve my skills as a designer and as an overall artist. It's the 100 Character Challenge. The challenge is to draw one character a day for 100 days in a row. The rules are:
  • At least one drawing/painting per character. pages are allowed as long as there is one presentable drawing amongst them.
  • The character must be presentable and can be in either colour or black and white.
  • The character must be in a pose or action to help convey his/her personality.
  • Make sure it's an even split between guys and girls. You can do any creature you want but make sure for when you do draw guy or girl humanoids that you mix it up a bit.
  • The character must have a brief description telling us a bit about them.
  • The character must be made up for the contest. Although using your characters from class is acceptable just as long as you do a drawing especially made for the contest i.e. the protagonist from your fourth year film.
  • You must have 7 characters up on your blog by each Sunday or you are OUT!!! That means if you miss a day you're still good. You can just make up for it later. Doing 7 on Sunday isn't a position you'd want to be in though!
  • You may revisit old characters. For example I want to redesign character #16 for character #33. That is allowed just as long as I don't do it too often.
  • I guess this isn't a rule but try changing up the style. Drawing everything in the same style kind of defeats the purpose of the exercise.
  • NO FANART!!!
  • It started February 11th and will finish May 20th.
I think that's all the rules. I've done this before back when I was in gr.11. I did 100 drawings of the Megaman characters. 1 a day. Here's the first 48 coloured. Never got around to colouring all of them. I got bored :P

It's a bit hard to get into the swing of it but after you start doing them it gets fun. Plus you draw a lot! And by drawing you get better and who doesn't want to get better?

Allright so without further delay, I present my first submission.

Character #1: Bernard McGregerson
This is actually the protagonist for my 4th year film. His name is Bernard McGregerson and he's 6'7", weighs 300 lbs and reeks of alcohol, cigarettes and extreme body odor. He is a lumberjack and is infamous amongst the local bars for getting into brawls with innocent people doing as little as even making eye contact with this burly beast. He believes being nice is for the weak and that acts of generosity are "girly" and only deteriorate a man's soul. One night, while doing his nightly lumberjacking duties, he encountered a pack of wild beavers and tried to kill one to bring back home and eat. Amongst the commotion he was bitten and left them be. No one has seen Bernard McGregerson since.

Frank has actually made a blog to post his own and people who are part of it are linked up there as well!!! Check it out here