Saturday, February 16, 2008

Happy Belated Valentines Day!!!

Character #4: DominoPeople thought they had caught Big Foot but they were wrong. To their dismay, Big Foot's half-brother Domino was instead the victim of the tranquilizer dart shot at the mythological beast in the northern woods that fateful afternoon. After being held captive and put on display, Domino grew tired of not having anything to do in his spare time so he stole one of the guards' keys and unlocked himself to look for his way back home. Big Foot's dumb, Domino is smart. On his venture back home he came across a house with such an enchanting musk he could not resist his hunger. He broke through the door and found himself looking upon a family having a roast beef dinner. He engulfed the dinner but that wasn't enough so he ate the parents as well. The little girl who didn't know better went to her room and made a valentine for him because coincidentally, it was Valentines Day.

Character #5: Hira
The day time lookout guard for intruders and wildlife. Hira is very energetic but is bored with her job since there is barely any way of using her combat skills during the day time. All the action comes at night when other tribes try to infiltrate to steal gold or when the giant 6 footed nocturnal Bat-Lion comes out to feed on it's prey! She spends her time sharpening her spear, hunting small insects or lizards around the vicinity or just dozes off. She hopes one day to get promoted.


Jinny Liang said...

Happy belated Valentine's to you too Garrett! Did I tell you I love the painting on your 2nd character design?

Frank Macchia said...

hahaha...Domino...thats gpure gold man
i love his design
haha and i made some modifications on the rules..for myself anyways haha...theres no way im gonna be able to hadle 7 a week, specially with the the impending doom of animating the i cut it down to 5 a week...bit of a cheat...but i ill make sure the 5 that i DO do are good. scouts honour

[B]ehram said...

Man you are killing it with these characters. Take a break, go animate something hehe.
by the way does the girl with Domino counts as the seventh character or no?

GHGraphics said...

thanks guys!

You did not tell me Jinny, thankyou!

B - Nope, she doesn't count.

Anonymous said...

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