Monday, February 11, 2008

A Challenge of Sorts...

Ok, I've done a little something for myself and anyone else who would like to join. It's a challenge to help improve my skills as a designer and as an overall artist. It's the 100 Character Challenge. The challenge is to draw one character a day for 100 days in a row. The rules are:
  • At least one drawing/painting per character. pages are allowed as long as there is one presentable drawing amongst them.
  • The character must be presentable and can be in either colour or black and white.
  • The character must be in a pose or action to help convey his/her personality.
  • Make sure it's an even split between guys and girls. You can do any creature you want but make sure for when you do draw guy or girl humanoids that you mix it up a bit.
  • The character must have a brief description telling us a bit about them.
  • The character must be made up for the contest. Although using your characters from class is acceptable just as long as you do a drawing especially made for the contest i.e. the protagonist from your fourth year film.
  • You must have 7 characters up on your blog by each Sunday or you are OUT!!! That means if you miss a day you're still good. You can just make up for it later. Doing 7 on Sunday isn't a position you'd want to be in though!
  • You may revisit old characters. For example I want to redesign character #16 for character #33. That is allowed just as long as I don't do it too often.
  • I guess this isn't a rule but try changing up the style. Drawing everything in the same style kind of defeats the purpose of the exercise.
  • NO FANART!!!
  • It started February 11th and will finish May 20th.
I think that's all the rules. I've done this before back when I was in gr.11. I did 100 drawings of the Megaman characters. 1 a day. Here's the first 48 coloured. Never got around to colouring all of them. I got bored :P

It's a bit hard to get into the swing of it but after you start doing them it gets fun. Plus you draw a lot! And by drawing you get better and who doesn't want to get better?

Allright so without further delay, I present my first submission.

Character #1: Bernard McGregerson
This is actually the protagonist for my 4th year film. His name is Bernard McGregerson and he's 6'7", weighs 300 lbs and reeks of alcohol, cigarettes and extreme body odor. He is a lumberjack and is infamous amongst the local bars for getting into brawls with innocent people doing as little as even making eye contact with this burly beast. He believes being nice is for the weak and that acts of generosity are "girly" and only deteriorate a man's soul. One night, while doing his nightly lumberjacking duties, he encountered a pack of wild beavers and tried to kill one to bring back home and eat. Amongst the commotion he was bitten and left them be. No one has seen Bernard McGregerson since.

Frank has actually made a blog to post his own and people who are part of it are linked up there as well!!! Check it out here


Matthew Lau said...

sounds good

Frank Macchia said...

im in man...4th year film character is posted...budda-bing

Hodges! said...

Im gonna give it a try, Ill start up tomorrow though. count my last post with the alien/car as the first entry.

If you miss a day is it cool if you double up on the next??

Frank Macchia said...

haha i agree with hodges..ill try my best to do one every sort of mentioned it in your rules garrett...
maybe as long as there are 7 new characters by every sunday?

whos all doin this? i wanna keep track and see everyones stuff..this is such a good idea...its def got me pumped

Anonymous said...

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