Sunday, February 17, 2008

Another Batch...

Character #6: Punchinella
Punchinella is her boxing alias. Made to sound like the latin name for clown which is "Punchinello". Her little sister was the victim of a mass murder of children by a clown at a birthday party. Upon further research Punchinella discovered that the psychotic clown is actually a huge mob boss who makes bets on female boxing and likes to have his way with the champions. Punchinella decided to train vigorously and enter the female boxing tournament to become champion and in the end when she is with the mob boss one on one, she will suffocate him with her sister's stocking. She wears the stocking around her left ankle during each match.
This was my first attempt at Punchinella. I like her pose a lot more but her outfit doesn't suit her character as much.
This is a redesign I did of Hira. I decided to spice it up by giving her a tribal helmet, tattoos and a blue spear head.


Amanda said...

Ooh, your..."beans".. are also very cool :D

I like the colours of the last one there. And the painting in your last post, that one's awesome.

Christina Dee said...

Garrett your girls are so cute..I love Punchinella and how you renderend that sock. How you manage to paint so much is beyond me :P

Frank Macchia said...

nice man
im really gettin into checkin your characters out every day.
i think its about time i did a feale character too

Damian said...

Damn man
Every time I come here I'm left dazzled by your scrumptious cg's. On the other hand, I dunno if I like your characters or their descriptions better. They always put a smile on my face


GHGraphics said...

Thanks everyone!

Glad you like the descriptions Damian. They're my favourite part!

Chris MacDonald said...

Cools. very enrique fernandez-esque.
Ima be gettin your expert advice on work im doing at some point soon i hope. Im trying to do more cg paintin'.

Unbelievable how you have the time to come up with all this great stuff.keep it up boyo.

Anonymous said...

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