Monday, November 12, 2007

Be ye he?

Even though it wasn't intentional,
it was brought to my attention later that this looks like a jester pledging
his allegiance to the American flag. :P

Bryan Huff Maya-ing.

Something a little more abstract.


Damian said...

Say say say say say say SAYYY!! You is crrrrrrrrazy!

The spider-like tripod creatures remind me a lot of the Striders from Half-Life 2. Intentional?

Lettie said...

wen will g spot do a painting of me

Anonymous said...

hey garrett!! so good at cg~~~~ diff from toby~ really cool!!! ^^
[btw. this is angela from 2nd ^^]

Tom Scholes said...

Hahah wtf is this?!
* Bengal
* Craig Mullins
* Frank Frazetta
* Idiot Apathy
* John Nevarez
* Mathias

One of those sticks out like a sore thumb, a lump of coal amongst diamonds.

First one is cool, great warmth and exposure going on. Totally looks like a jester doin' the pledge though :P hehe.

Frank Macchia said...

oh man...good ol' Professor X-- I mean...Bryan...haha...amazing work garrett...always a good blog to check up on.