Monday, February 12, 2007

Some Stuff

Hey, it's been awhile since I last posted something so I decided to dig up some stuff to scan.

These are some marker sketches I did. I enjoyed doing these and when I have more spare time, I'd love to try and do some more and get better at it.

This is a bunch of tiny sketches I did while cafe drawing with Trevor. Most of these were inspired by the people at the food court. This was fun to do. It was kind of like an exercise to push yourself to use different shapes for different character types.

this is a mixed media piece I did over the break. It's a mix of oil-pitt based pencil, water colour, marker and white conte.


Coelasquid said...

That is one sexy back, boyo.

Letz said...

lol. i liek the last one especially
and yes marker can be really fun. but its harder

Christina said...

markers are fun! great job as always :D

GHGraphics said...

Thanks all :D