Monday, July 17, 2006


With this one I was trying to mix a cartoony style with a painterly look. I've been trying to get away from being too realistic.


james teddy said...

Hey Garrett

Nicely done! I think we all sense a familiarity with this person you have created. Keep up the good work!

Blainer said...

Hehe, like I mentioned before, he reminds me of my friend, Dan.

Awesome job.

Letz said...

haha i like it man. lol its still a lil too realisitic but hey it's a style =P

Mommo said...

Awesome, as usual. I just showed your site to Calvin and he was VERY impressed! He said to tell you he was offended by the smoker because he thought it was himself (but, he's only kidding). I was proud to have a chance to show you off!


Letz said...

yo garret!! did u get ur schedule yet? i hav RICK. omg help me >< ajhahaha. is he raely that bad?

GHGraphics said...

Yes I did get my schedule. All the classes are different now eh! It sucks!!!

Rick's a nice guy but ya, a bad teacher. Who knows, maybe you'll pick up a few things from him. You're really good anyway so I guess you'll just have be positive and have an open mind... A VERY open mind :P