Wednesday, May 24, 2006


I did not draw this. I only coloured it. The oh so talented Eduardo Francisco drew it.

I was both surprised and honoured when he asked me if I wanted to colour something of his. It was a good experience. I'm not use to colouring other people's work.


brockorama said...

Great "CG" as the kids these days call it!

Now howsabout you put up a pic of your freshly shaved noggin? I can't imaging you without about 10 lbs. of hair on your head. Come on, dont be shy!

Letz said...

omg hahaha u lost weight? o__O u should let out the secret!!!!! desperately in search for some weight losing magic somewhere ><~!!!!

Brendan said...

Whoa. Garrett found my super-secret "pictures" blog. And my regular blog. And he plays WorkStation.

Add me on messenger; I'm sixtwofourfourtwo at hotmail dot com. Testing against you will be a welcome reprieve from testing against Brazilian kids.

Letz said...

POST POST!!!!! waiting ddesperately for some inspiration. hint hint!!